The decision to market homes for sale during the holiday season has always been responded to with “don’t waste your time,” believing that it’s not a good time to sell.

However, you might be pleasantly surprised. Homes listed between Halloween and New Year’s Eve can sell more quickly and closer to the original asking price.

November, in particular, has some unique advantages that make it an ideal time to sell.

Motivated Buyers

Buyers looking for a home in November have either waited through the busy season in hopes of a better deal, or they’re facing time constraints due to work changes, relocation or other personal and financial reasons.

For highly motivated buyers, colder weather, shorter days, and holiday preparations don’t matter. If your house is available for them to view, these buyers are more likely to make an offer.

Fewer Competitors

With many sellers waiting for the holiday season to end, that means motivated buyers have fewer homes to choose from. That means less competition for you and more buyers checking out your now more desirable home.

With fewer homes to compare, you are more likely to sell at your desired asking price.

Tax Benefits

Buyers looking for end of the year tax breaks may be more interested in your house during the holiday season. Buyers interested in lowering their taxes may be looking to buy a home late in the year so they can deduct the purchase costs. This includes points, interest and property taxes.