It’s February and love is in the air!  While real estate may not be the first thing that comes to mind when Cupid aims his arrow, when it comes to a person’s dream home, it can be love at first sight. Here are some practical ideas to make your home say “Be Mine” on Valentine’s Day. (Or, Tips for selling your home on Valentine’s Day!)

Show Your House Some Love

When you are presenting a home, make sure you do routine cleaning and maintenance so when it does sell, there’s less work to be done. Anything out of place or not working properly can impact your home’s value. Maintenance and repair issues are one of the primary reasons pending home sales fall through.

Heart and Red Roses

There’s something about colorful hearts and red roses that conjure up love. Let your house share that with simple decorations for the holiday. Place roses arranged in vases or pedals decorating in the dining room, master bedroom, living room, or other. Have heart-shaped magnets on your refrigerator.

Cookies, Chocolates, Candies

Have you ever known anyone to pass up a tempting snack? Baking cookies before an open house is a classic real estate technique. The scent will fill the house. Have sheets of freshly-baked heart-shaped cookies in the kitchen. Welcome any potential buyer with chocolate from a heart-shaped candy dish as they enter your home. Fill dishes with an assortment of candy hearts and place in each room.

Comfy Cozy

February is the perfect time to emphasize a home filled with love. Make your home feel like a hug. Turn the fireplace on, decorate with warm colors, and add a few throw blankets around the home.

Share a Toast

A glass of wine or champagne is a nice way to welcome adult buyers to visit and feel at home. Have champagne or wine available for those who might like to toast their potential new home.

Romantic Dinner Raffle

If you’re selling or showing a home near Valentine’s Day, offer a romantic dinner for two as a door prize at the open house. Simple place a fishbowl or heart-covered box on a counter and invite the attendees to place a business card or fill out an index card with their information. At the end of the day, pull a card out and award the dinner prize.

Share A Message of Love

A magnetic dry erase board with an attached marker can always find a special place on the refrigerator. Share a personalized Valentine’s Day poem, such as “Roses are red; violets are blue. We love our home; we hope you will too.” You can change your message each day or during the day.